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$30 for 30 minutes.

Non Medical PSA (pressure Awing Absorption) technology that filters out Nitrogen, Argon and other trace gases from ambient air increasing the oxygen content from 21-92% Purity.

Safe with no risks or adverse effects.

Breathing higher concentrations of oxygen has several benefits most commonly reported are incrased energy, uplifted refreshed freeling, clearing the mind, relief of toxic headaches such as a hangover.

Relief of stress promotes higher concentration levels. Oxygen is also a known detoxifier that oxidizes pollutants like carbon monoxide and lactic acid to reduce muscle soreness after exercies.

Due to allergies of clients we are not offering aroma to the air.

*Please note that oxygen bars are only for recreational and entertainment purposes and are not to be used for the treatment of any medical condition or illness. (Not recommended for those who are on a doctor recommended oxygen or with COPD)


What is sugaring?

Sugaring is a gentle form of hair removal that is safe for all genders from teens to adults. The Sugar paste extracts hair in the natural hair growth pattern leaving the skin smooth without irritation, ingrown hairs, and eliminates hair breakage.

Before Treatment

If this is your first time, allow 7-10 days after shaving ​1/16th of an inch. Hair being removed might ​be resistant. Once the roots become smaller with repeat treatment it will remove easily as it thins. You may have red dots on the skin a few hours after treatment.

When you cannot be Sugared

You CANNOT be sugared if you are taking Prescribed Retin-A, Retinol, Accutane.

Also recommended to wait one week (although you can still be sugared just might be more discomfort due to hormone changes while on your period you must wear a tampon) after your menstrual period as well as being on antibiotics and or any vaccinations before booking your appointment

After Treatment

​Recommended to not exercise 24 hours after treatment as the excess blood flow might cause you to become uncomfortable.

Discomfort may also be caused by sweat filling the pours as they stay open for 24 hours after and the sweat can clog the pours causing ingrown hairs and blemishes.